Chris supports the apps and services you really need while you drive: messaging, navigation, calls and music.



Send and receive SMS messages through voice and hands-free gestures while driving.


Send WhatsApp texts to friends, family and groups with voice dictation and gesture control.


Free Navigation

Free destination entry or predefined destinations (‘work’, ‘home’, etc). Compare routes and select your preferred one by voice.


Chris takes you to your destination with reliable GPS navigation and voice guidance.

Global maps

Navigate globally. Chris features fully navigable maps from over 100 countries with constant free updates.


Hands-free calling

Making and receiving calls in the car has never been easier.

Voice-activated address book

Just tell Chris who you want to speak to and the call starts.

Unlimited contacts

Enjoy easy access to every contact in your Address Book.


Music from your phone

Chris supports a wide variety of music formats to play songs and podcasts stored on your device. Listen to your favorite music, change the track and adjust the volume with a simple gesture.

Best audio quality

Five microphones with beamforming technology ensure highest audio quality.

Play it out loud

Connect Chris to your car audio by Bluetooth and play your music out loud!