Watch this short video to understand how to install Chris in the car.


The free Chris smartphone app connects Chris to supported apps and services on your smartphone.

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Knowledge base

  • Am I using the correct Voice Commands and Gestures?

    There are easy commands and gestures to get you started. See the tutorial in the app or our blog post “Chris: The Basics”

  • I don’t think Chris is performing as it should. What can I do?

    As a first step, we recommend completing a clean installation of the app. Instructions: Android / iOS

  • I can’t find the iOS app in the Apple App Store.

    The iOS app is currently in beta test status. If you would like to become a tester, please contact us via the form below.

Get help!

Get help with setup and more from our customer success agents. We aim to send a response within 1 business day. Business hours: Mon - Fr 9am - 5pm CET (German working days).

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