Voice assistant

Chris listens and talks to you with great accuracy, even in the noisy in-car environment.

Gesture control

Turn up the volume or skip a song with a simple gesture.


Send and receive messages while driving. Chris reads everything out loud.


Make and receive phone calls with Chris, your luxury hands-free.


Control your music with voice and gesture, so you don’t need to fiddle with your phone while you drive.

Offline use

Chris works offline, even without an internet connection.


Navigate with turn-by-turn navigation for maps from +100 countries.

Bluetooth and FM

Chris has its own speaker, but you can also connect Chris with your car with Bluetooth or FM (via an accessory).

This is Chris, the assistant made for the needs of drivers


Never take a risk to get a fine or miss out again – Chris links to your phone via Bluetooth. Put your smartphone away. The smart voice assistant lets you send or reply to messages, make calls, navigate and play music without ever having to touch your phone.


Chris simply listens and talks to you like a co-driver. You can also make selections or adjust the volume by swiping your hand in front of the device.


And if you lose network coverage, no problem – Chris also works offline.


With voice assistants becoming more widely adopted every day for a variety of applications like Smart Home, taking this technology to the car makes perfect sense. You need to be able to stay connected, but using your smartphone while driving is dangerous and, in many places, illegal. With Chris, you can do everything with voice control, and interact with the device like you would a co-driver. The human-like voice recognition works without a defined set of commands.


Sometimes, voice control isn't the right tool to get something done quickly. But touchscreens or complicated infotainment systems are too demanding. So we developed a way to control Chris intuitively without voice: with gestures. Simply swipe your hand in front of Chris to scroll through contacts or put your palm in front of the device to stop your music. It's as easy as a flick of the wrist.

Offline use

One of the biggest problems with staying connected on the road is gaps in network coverage. Chris works both online and offline, meaning that if you enter a tunnel or drop out of a coverage area, Chris will continue to listen and talk to you, and also keep the navigation going.

Easy installation

Installing Chris in your car is as easy as connecting the suction cup mount to your cigarette lighter and attaching it to your windscreen or dashboard, clipping Chris in and connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth. For best audio quality you might also consider hooking it up to your car's Bluetooth audio system. It takes minutes - anyone can do it.

For Android and iOS

Compatible with both Android and iOS, so there's no hassle if you switch phone. Just download the free Chris companion app at home and install it on your phone before entering the car.

(coming soon)

Chris works in every car

No need to visit a garage - no matter what car you have, Chris upgrades your drive to a connected car and will fit perfectly into your driving experience. From classic sports cars and everyday rides to customized cars. Chris will help you stay safely connected on the road.

Mount on your dashboard

Simply use Chris's suction mount in combination with a dash-mat or adhesive plate (not included) to attach Chris to your dashboard. Chris's elegant design suits every car - a fantastic addition to your dashboard.

Get your Chris now

Chris is now available. Free delivery and 30 day returns. Stay safely connected while you drive - get yours now.

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